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Portofino 4 is the next generation of the open source web framework Portofino. Its purpose is to help developers create outstanding enterprise applications by addressing three specific needs:

Portofino gives results quickly (using the wizard you can create a webapp in 30 seconds!) and allows developers to stay productive at all stages in a project.
Portofino is packed with features for common enterprise requirements that end users will love.
Portofino's architecture is well layered, flexible, secure and simple to understand.

A quick glance at the features:

  • creation of a complete web application starting from an existing database, automatically using the wizard
  • powerful, multi-level CRUD pages
  • CMS features to create pages of various types, including rich text (html), chart and calendar
  • broad possibility for page customization using Groovy, which allows on-the-fly changes that are immediately visible without long redeploys
  • native support for incremental management of the database schema using Liquibase
  • use of well-known and well-tested technologies such as Hibernate, Stripes, EhCache, Quartz, etc.
  • native permission handling with Apache Shiro and user management that can be easily integrated with any SQL, LDAP/Active Directory, OpenID, ... data source

and much more!