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Portofino is an open-source project distributed under the LGPL.

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Do you need to

  • customize your web interface?
  • authenticate your application with MS Active Directory, LDAP or a single sign on?
  • create new page types ?
  • integrate with your ERP, CRM or other company applications (SAP, Alfresco, SugarCRM, ...)?
  • have an expert support during your developments?

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Available courses:

  • Portofino 4: from database to the application in 30 seconds. An introduction to framework.
    • features and potential of Portofino 4
    • hierarchical structure of pages and application of MVC
    • development models ("live" and structured with Maven)
    • deploy of Portofino applications

  • Develop applications using Portofino 4. An introduction to customization of the framework.
    • extension of the main types of pages in Portofino 4
    • custom pages
    • simple forms
    • reporting

  • Custom courses to accommodate customers needs.

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We provide remote training via web conferencing tools.
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