Portofino can run on many combinations of operating system, Java version, RDBMS, etc. We explicitly support the following environments:

Operating System Microsoft Windows Windows Server 2003 and later, Windows Vista and later 
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and later 
GNU/Linux Ubuntu 12.04 and later, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and later, CentOS 6.x and later 
Java 6 Sun/Oracle JDK 6
Java 7+ Oracle JDK, OpenJDK
Database MySQL MySQL 5.5 and later (InnoDB engine)
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL 8.2 and later (with JDBC driver version 8.4+)
Oracle Oracle 10g and later
Microsoft SQL Server MS SQL Server 2008 and later
Web server Apache Tomcat Apache Tomcat 7.0.33 and later
Web browser Google Chrome Any version
Mozilla Firefox Any version
Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8 and above (at least 9 is recommended)

Portofino can run in other configurations, but the above are those that we test and support; see also our commercial support offerings.