The calendar page displays events on a calendar in two modes: month by month or as an agenda showing the closest upcoming events. In both modes, you have a collapsible legend on the left, showing the list of all available calendars. The main panel, instead, changes significantly between the two modes.

When you run the wizard, a calendar page is automatically generated, using all the date columns found in the database as data sources. It can be a starting point for further customizations.

The month view

The month view, which is what you see when you open a calendar page, shows the events occurring in a given month (by default, the current one, but you can navigate forward or backward by using the buttons in the top-left corner). Events are arranged in a table where each row is a week and each cell is a day. The day of week is indicated by the label on the top of each column. The first day of the week is Monday.

In each cell you can see the events scheduled for that day, up to a maximum which can be set in the Configuration page. If there are more events, a link is shown; the text of the link reports how many more events are available. When you click the link, a popup with the list of events appears.

Events are shown with a full colored background and no time information if they take all day; otherwise, they're rendered as colored text over a white background and their starting and ending times are shown (if they differ from the start or the end of the day). Events that span multiple days are shown as a continuous colored bar.

As shown in the picture, when you click on an event, a popup appears with the details. If the calendar page is configured appropriately, the popup can contain a link to another page, for example a CRUD page with additional details about the event.

The agenda view

The agenda view can be enabled by clicking on the "Agenda" button in the top right corner of the calendar. You can always return back to the standard month view by clicking on the "Month" button which replaces the "Agenda" button when you navigate to the agenda view.

In this view, a certain number of events (see Configuration) are shown as a list, grouped by day. The events start from the selected day - initially, the current one, but you can navigate forward or backward using the buttons in the top left corner of the calendar. For each event, the starting and ending times are printed, followed by a clickable description of the event. Just like in the month view, if you click on an event, a popup will appear showing its details.