Administration tools are simple and accessible through a single link. From admin section you can configure your application, run the wizard, manage tables and do much more.

Web applications

Configuration options are simple and editable online.

Root permissions

Set the policy permissions of your site. Decide if a site is public or for registered users only. Grant special access levels only to certain groups of users. Make sure that only authorized people have access to protected information.


Portofino's wizard creates your web application in four easy steps. Connect to your database, select a schema, set users and groups, and finally generate the pages.

Immediately your site is ready to be used.

Keep the connections under control

View the status of your connections at a glance. Test a connection or synchronize the model with the database if any changes occurred.

Managing tables

You can navigate databases, schemas, and tables interactively. 

When you select a table you have a complete view of the basic JDBC metadata. 
Decide how physical data types map to logical datatypes.
Tune the Hibernate configurations to your needs.
Reorder the columns if you like.
View the existing foreign keys or create your own selection providers, which are smarter foreign keys at the application level.


You can enrich the model with annotations. Turn your plain text field into a rich text field or set validation constraints using regular expressions. For numbers and dates, set the format and min/max range.