Extract events from your database and display them in a calendar.

Don't think of events only in terms of appointments, meetings and birthdays. Any temporal data can be an event, e.g., the milestones of a project, the due date of a payment, the shipment date of a product.

There can be multiple calendars in the systems and a calendar can display events that are relevant only to a user or a group of users.

Agenda view

The events in a calendar can be displayed in an agenda view, which is useful to see the events in the near future.


Create charts using the integrated JFreeChart library, with different chart types, tooltips, captions and colors.

Make your charts interactive: portions of the chart are clickable and point to URLs that you can customize.

Many-to-many selection

This page allows the user to check or uncheck from a list of options that is backed by a many-to-many relationship on the database.

Change password page

The page includes all the logic and user interface necessary for a password change. All you need to provide is the binding to your database.