To add a page, click on the "Add page" button in the editor's toolbar.

You are shown an "Add new page" form.

Enter the following data:

  • Page type: choose between Crud, Chart, Text, Custom, Calendar, Many-to-many and Change Password.
  • Fragment: the fragment used to build the page URL. Only letters, digits, dashes ("-") and underscores ("_") are allowed.
  • Title: a short title of the page. This is used anywhere the page is referenced by a link, e.g. in the breadcrumbs and in the sidebar.
  • Description: a longer description. This is used in the HTML element <title>.
  • Where: the position of the new page in the hierarchy: as a root page at the top level, or as child/sibling relative to the current page.

As you update the "fragment", "title" and "where" fields, the system automatically updates the URL and Breadcrumbs fields to give you a preview of where the page will appear in the hierarchy.

Click on "Create new" to create the page.

After the page is created

After the page is created, you are automatically redirected to page configuration. This is where you can review the data you have just entered and perform other, type-specific configurations.