Heads up! These docs are for Portofino 3, which is a legacy product. Check out Portofino 4!

We will assume that JBoss AS 4.2.x is installed in JBOSS_HOME, that it is using the "default" configuration and that it is running on your local machine on the standard port 8080. 

Before you start you should choose the context name, i.e., the relative URL of your application. E.g., if the context name you choose is "myapp" then the application will be accessible at http://localhost:8080/myapp/ 

To deploy Portofino, we will use JBoss's hot-deploy functionality. Go to the deploy directory and copy Portofino's WAR file to it:

$ cd JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy
$ cp /path/to/portofino-war-3.1.war myapp.war

Notice that when you copy the war file you must give it the name of the context, plus the "war" extension.

JBoss AS will automatically detect the new WAR file and deploy the application. The operation requires just a few seconds.

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