Heads up! These docs are for Portofino 3, which is a legacy product. Check out Portofino 4!

If you have the following situation:

  • your database was created with an older version of Portofino (e.g., 2.0.16)
  • you want to run the latest version of Portofino (3.1.x)

then you need to run the upgrade procedure.

Save your portofino-custom.properties

Wherever your portofino-custom.properties file is located, make sure you back it up. This is especially important if the file is inside the deployed war (in WEB-INF/classes), because the following step will most likely delete/overwrite the deployed war directory.

Deploy the new war

Deploy the latest Portofino war (version 3.1.x) on top of your existing Portofino (2.0.x) installation.
Check if your previous portofino-custom.properties file is still present. If not, restore it from your back up.

Run the automatic upgrade

Connect to as usual. The following page will appear.

Portofino has detected that you need to upgrade the database. Click on 'Proceed'. The following page will appear.

The messages show that Portofino:

  • tried to detect the version (first 3.1, then 3.0, then 2.0.16)
  • actually detected 2.0.16
  • migrated 2.0.16 to 3.0
  • migrated 3.0 to 3.1

Restart your application server and you can use the upgraded Portofino.

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