Posted on March 25, 2013 by Alessio Stalla

Only a month has passed since we released Portofino 4.0.9, and we're already pushing 4.0.10 out! This time, we don't have exciting new features to boast about; this is mostly a bugfix release, addressing some of the problems that were reported by our always growing user base (thanks, folks!) as well as some that we found on our own.

Several fixes are below the surface; still, the new version comes with a few noticeable improvements that will make the experience of running and developing on Portofino even more pleasant. The following is the detailed list of the issues we solved.

In the Administration section

  • The wizard is much faster on large databases because it avoids wasteful repetitions of the schema analysis phase (which can possibly take minutes).
  • The wizard now asks whether to create a calendar page or not if you select the manual generation strategy in the 4th step.
  • The application settings page, where you can set the application name, skin, and landing page, now works properly.
  • Saving a table or a column now correctly resets existing database setups; as a result, all modifications are immediately picked up as expected.
  • The Tables section has been fixed in multiple places to avoid double submit, duplicated information messages, and other minor problems.
  • Columns of String type can now be marked as "file blobs" (@FileBlob annotation), i.e. they are automatically handled by Portofino as blobs stored on the file system. Before, you could not set up a column like that without manually editing the XML model.

Features visible to end users

  • In the login form, a bug has been fixed that prevented OpenID provider icons from showing in certain cases.
  • The many-to-many page action has a new option to show the checkboxes arranged in a vertical layout.
  • Accessibility: in many-to-many pages, checkboxes can be checked/unchecked by clicking on their label.

Low-level stuff

  • On PostgreSQL, the NUMERIC type without explicit precision and scale is now handled correctly by mapping it to a Java BigDecimal, not BigInteger.
  • Custom string-encoded boolean values (e.g., Y/N) are now handled correctly in HQL queries: where prop = true works as expected.
  • It is now easier to create new skins by copying the built-in ones, because a number of hard-coded paths were removed.
  • Portofino does not put null values in the logging MDC. This made some application servers upset (notably JBoss 7).
  • Some JSP pages that were no longer used have been removed from the project.

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