Posted on April 27, 2015 by Alessio Stalla

Portofino 4.1.2 is out

Hooray! Another Portofino release is out! The 4.1 series gets a revamp with version 4.1.2. 20 issues were addressed, spanning three areas:

Technological updates. Major components in the Portofino stack have been updated, including:

  • Hibernate is now at version 4.3.8 up from 3.6.9. This allows us to stay current with the latest developments from RedHat, which happen on the 4.x line.
  • Groovy has been updated to version 2.4.3 up from 2.3.6.
  • Liquibase is finally 3.x (3.3.2 actually) up from the venerable 2.0.6; we got rid of code that existed only to work around its old bugs.
  • Bootstrap is updated to version 3.3.4.

Your applications most probably won't need to change, as the visible APIs remain compatible. However, Hibernate 4 is a little more picky than 3 about some things, like duplicate identifiers in queries and needless opening of transactions. Be sure to test everything before deploying in production!

Bug fixes and small improvements. Portofino is quite stable nowadays, but there are always little things to improve! Look at the issue tracker for details.

Community. We've seen a rise of activity around Portofino, both on the public mailing list and in the form of new paying customers asking for help and customizations. Among other things, this has resulted in us adding a couple of features inspired by the community.

  • Better use of the native Shiro API in Security.groovy, inspired by a patch sent on the mailing list by Tobias "OldShatterhand". Among other benefits, power users will find it easier to tweak the Security.groovy file produced by the wizard to configure secure password storage, including use of a cryptographic salt and multiple hash iterations. Existing Security.groovy files don't need to change.
  • Proper support for date-only, time-only, and date+time fields using a new datetime picker component. Note: you have to change your head.jsp to refer to the new component instead of the old one, which is no longer included. Refer to the head.jsp included in the binary download from SourceForge, in the Maven archetype or in demo-tt. Thanks to this feature, we also started experimenting with including JS/CSS dependencies as webjars, although major dependencies (jQuery, Bootstrap) are still bundled in the theme.

So, to recap, updating from 4.1.1 means:

  • editing head.jsp to include the new date+time picker component,
  • possibly, editing Security.groovy to make use of new functionality,
  • testing pages, especially custom ones that do SQL queries,
  • enjoying it!

Looking beyond code, Portofino is now also on GitHub, although its official home remains SourceForge. Also, we've done the first course on Portofino, in Italian only, and we look forward to doing it again!

If you need support, we have various options, or you can contact us!

Go get it!

Download Portofino 4.1.2 from SourceForge or grab it from Maven Central and have fun! If you have issues or suggestions, please come to our community forums.


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