Posted on December 14, 2015 by Alessio Stalla

Portofino 4.2.1 released

More REST, less bugs!

Here's a present for all our users: Portofino 4.2.1! We're a little early for the 25th, but I'm sure it will be appreciated. This is a minor version update, it doesn't feature big breaking changes, yet it is quite significant. Let me present the main issues we addressed.

REST API improvements. As you know, the most important new characteristic of Portofino 4.2 has been REST support. Since its introduction, we've used it in a few real-world scenarios and found some limitations and missing pieces, so we set forth to fill the gaps (for the curious, they're sketched in the description of the issue on our ticket tracker). Mostly, it's new methods for getting information about pages (documentation) and for blob handling and selection providers in CRUD pages (documentation). There are also small tweaks and fixes, for example dates are now represented as long integers rather than strings.

Database blobs. Portofino has had filesystem-based blobs since forever; now it can also read and write blobs in database columns. Additional metadata (file name, MIME type) can optionally be stored in other columns (this can be configured in the model, using the admin > tables UI). To use this feature, the Java type of the blob column must be byte[] (java.sql.Blob is not supported).

Important bug fix for Oracle users. All schemas are useable again. 4.2 introduced a bug that prevented schemas that are not the connected user's one to be accessible in Portofino.

Bug fixes and small improvements. Look at the issue tracker for all the tiny details.

Migration guide

To migrate your application from Portofino 4.2 is really simple: you don't have to do nothing!

To migrate from older versions, read the release notes for each version found in this blog and follow their directions.

Go get it!

Download Portofino 4.2.1 from SourceForge or grab it from Maven Central and have fun! If you have issues or suggestions, please come to our community forums.

If you need support, we have various standard options, or you can contact us and ask! Our customers are usually very satisfied :)


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