Posted on September 28, 2016 by Alessio Stalla

Portofino 4.2.2 released

More than 9 months after the last release, we're giving you a new version of Portofino! The focus this time has been on improving the REST API and strengthening security. For the first time we audited - both manually and with automated tools - Portofino and its dependencies and fixed a few problems. We also fixed some bugs (you can see the list on our issue tracker) and updated many libraries used in Portofino to the latest stable version, for example Bootstrap 3.3.7, Shiro 1.3.2, Liquibase 3.5.0 and so on. It is interesting to note that this is the first time we got a significant amount of issue reports and pull requests from our community users!

Speaking of new features, instead, the most notable one is the ability to store the Portofino app (what goes inside WEB-INF, roughly, except JSP files) outside the deployed web application (.war file). This can make updating Portofino easier - just replace the WAR without touching the app - and it also enables a "development mode" where you store the app in a Maven project's sources, so that you can, at the same time, write code in your IDE and edit pages through the web UI, having the changes immediately available in your IDE without the need for any external tool like rsync or Unison. See a more detailed description on our wiki.

Portofino now has a Spanish language translation thanks to our contributor from GitHub, Manuel Durán Aguete. ¡Gracias!

A broader status update. This year we've used Portofino on several new projects and especially battle-tested the REST API. The product is pretty stable nowadays - but we haven't been lazy. We're experimenting with new stuff that hopefully our users will appreciate. The direction is the same we got into when we added REST support. Stay tuned!

Migration guide

To migrate your application from Portofino 4.2.x is really simple. If you have a Maven project, just update your POM. If you have an exploded Portofino war deployed under Tomcat and you directly modify that, just replace the WEB-INF/lib directory with the one from the Portofino download.

To migrate from older versions, read the release notes for each version found in this blog and follow their directions.

Go get it!

Download Portofino 4.2.2 from SourceForge or grab it from Maven Central and have fun! If you have issues or suggestions, please come to our community forums.

If you need support, we have various standard options, or you can contact us and ask! Our customers are usually very satisfied :)


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