Posted on May 09, 2017 by Alessio Stalla

Portofino 4.2.3 released

A new version of Portofino is here! The release is chiefly about fixing bugs and polishing the framework, but there are nice new features too, mostly arising from real-world needs encountered in some of our projects.

  • Probably the biggest addition is the support for the JSONB data type in Postgres databases. You can either map it as a string (default) or as a Map or List. In the latter case the JSONB column won't be exposed through Forms, i.e. through the GUI and REST services - it will only be accessible as a persistent property by your code.
  • Also notable is the addition of several reflection utilities and virtual properties in CRUD actions. It is now easier than ever to manipulate ClassAccessors and do advanced customizations in CRUD actions! This is something only black belts will appreciate, so if you are interested in more details, please ask on the mailing list. If there's enough demand we might write a post or wiki article!
  • Another small but valuable feature is automatic session and transaction disposal in Quartz jobs, just as in actions and REST methods. This prevents leaking sessions if you forget to close them.
  • Among other small improvements a special mention goes to the replacement of the deprecated DateMidnight with LocalDate from Joda Time. This is a small but breaking change for existing Calendar pages that used DateMidnight. You can download a patch to apply to your existing Calendar pages. Or you can delete and regenerate them with the wizard or ask on the mailing list for help.

Portofino now has a German language translation thanks to our contributor from GitHub, Sylvie Denarie. Danke schön!

Besides the aforementioned points, we fixed several bugs and made other small improvements. See

Migration guide

To migrate your application from Portofino 4.2.x is really simple. If you have a Maven project, just update your POM changing the version of the Portofino dependencies to 4.2.3. If you have an exploded Portofino war deployed under Tomcat and you directly modify that, just replace the WEB-INF/lib directory with the one from the Portofino download.

To migrate from older versions, read the release notes for each version found in this blog and follow their directions.

Go get it!

Download Portofino 4.2.3 from SourceForge or grab it from Maven Central and have fun! If you have issues or suggestions, please come to our community forums.

If you need support, we have various standard options, or you can contact us and ask! Our customers are usually very satisfied :)

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