Posted on February 5, 2013 by Paolo Predonzani

We're proud to announce that we've published the first Portofino 4 reference manual. It's available on-line at our Documentation Center.

The manual covers basic and advanced usage of Portofino 4 and includes extensive screenshots to quickly identify buttons, links and other relevant visual elements. Here is an example from the CRUD page type:

The manual is structured as follows:

Working with pages
Here you will learn the nuts and bots of creating a webapp/website with pages, navigation and a flexible user interface.
Page types
Here you will familiarize with the different page types, the basic building blocks that provide the dynamic content of a webapp/website.
Here you will learn how to set up the database connections, how to manage the object-to-relational mapping and how to configure the webapp/website in general.
Here you will see the details of the security configuration and integration with your existing authentication/authorization mechanism.

Happy reading!


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