Posted on October 01, 2018 by Emanuele Poggi

Portofino 4.2.5 released

This very minor release improves the security of Portofino, we have subjected the code and thid-party libraries to scans of Sonarqube and OWASP dependency check to identify any security flaws or bugs, improved the encryption of fields and blobs.

This version breaks the compatibility with Java 7 and brings with it the latest supported version of Groovy (be aware with possible incompatibilities with yoour code, check the migration from 2.4 to 2.5).

In addition to the points mentioned above, we have corrected some bugs in Demo-TT and added a new API /:status to monitor the status of the disk and the JVM.

Migration guide

To migrate your application from Portofino 4.2.x is really simple. If you have a Maven project, just update your POM changing the version of the Portofino dependencies to 4.2.5. If you have an exploded Portofino war deployed under Tomcat and you directly modify that, just replace the WEB-INF/lib directory with the one from the Portofino download.

To migrate from older versions, read the release notes for each version found in this blog and follow their directions.

Go get it!

Download Portofino 4.2.5 from SourceForge or grab it from Maven Central and have fun! If you have issues or suggestions, please come to our community forums.

If you need support, we have various standard options, or you can contact us and ask! Our customers are usually very satisfied :)


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