Posted on May 03, 2019 by Giampiero Granatella

Portofino 5.0 alpha released

To all Portofino pioneers, we are happy to announce that today we have released the first 5.0-SNAPSHOT build for you to try!
Usable Portofino 5 artifacts include:
1. the "one-click" bundle (Apache Tomcat with an empty Portofino application generated from the archetype)
2. the Maven archetype for creating new projects (API + Angular frontend bundled in the same .war file) [*]
3. the demo-tt app (with only a couple of pages to showcase the CRUD)
4. the "portofino" Angular library
5. the "upstairs" application (in Angular 7) used to configure a Portofino backend. This used to be the Administration section in Portofino 4, which is now usable as a separate app, too (for people who want to build the frontend with a technology which is not Angular, but don't want to lose the configurability of Portofino). It's also bundled in applications generated with the archetype.

1. is available from SourceForge along with the JavaDoc documentation
2. and 3. are available on the Sonatype Open-Source Snapshots repository
4. is available from npm
5. is not yet distributed and must be built from the sources. If you're interested, let us know.

Most users will probably want to start from the one-click bundle for a quick exploration of what's available from the UI. As usual, the user credentials to use are admin/admin.

The quality is still Alpha - it should not be used in production. If you find bugs (you probably will), let us know!

[*] due to a Maven 3 unresolved bug, you'll need Maven 2 to generate a project the archetype (not to build the application!) until Portofino 5 is released on Maven Central.

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